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Posted on November 3, 2021

Dear friend of Florida Ranches,

Since our first printing of the Florida Ranches Calendar in 2006, we've used it as a tool to tell the story of Florida's cattle ranches. The captivating photographs showcase a diversity of ranches from around the state and highlight the critical role they play in preserving Florida's environmental and agricultural heritage. For 2022, the calendar will showcase ranches located within the Florida Wildlife Corridor - a statewide ecological corridor that has been created over the last decade. 

Did you know Florida lawmakers passed the Florida Wildlife Corridor Act earlier this year with bipartisan and unanimous support? Pretty impressive! They allocated $300 million towards efforts to preserve these notable lands and waters within the corridor. But it will require people and partnerships at every level to successfully connect Florida’s largest existing conservation lands into a viable environmental network.

Through sponsorship of the 2022 Florida Ranches Calendar, you can help educate the public and lawmakers to keep these important conservation initiatives top of mind. The Calendar is a year-long reminder that ranchers are the oldest environmental stewards in our state and their lands are a critical part of the green infrastructure that is the foundation of Florida’s economy and quality of life. 

At a time when most photos are just scrolled through in an Instagram feed, the Ranches Calendar is a vintage gift that can be enjoyed all year long. Please consider sponsoring our 2022 Ranches Calendar. Details are below.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.  

Stacy Weller Ranieri
President and Chief Illuminator, The Firefly Group
Publisher of the Florida Ranches Calendar


The 2022 Florida Ranches Calendar will feature the talents of famed National Geographic photojournalist and eighth-generation Floridian, Carlton Ward Jr., as well as wildlife photographer and conservation advocate Adam Bass and others. 
To learn more about the Florida Wildlife Corridor visit floridawildlifecorridor.org

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